OGInfo.com Texas Online Map (OGI FlexMap)         
OGI FlexMap is a stand alone, web based mapping application, available at $9.95 for unlimited monthly access. The map subscription provides access to ownership parcel data attributed with tax roll data and survey/abstract layers, plus statewide traffic counts, digital elevation models (DEM) and flood plain data. Assess flood plains, traffic volume and topography integrated with:
Drilling Unit Boundaries, Digital Elevation Models, Traffic Counts, Flood Plain Data, Wells & Pipelines (Updated bi-weekly), Abstracts/Surveys, Surface Ownership Parcel Data (Updated regularly), City Limits, Water Bodies, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Aerial Imagery, Gulf of Mexico Offshore Data, Roads and Railways

Some features of the online Map
Search Texas or Louisiana wells statewide or counties by API number and zoom in directly to well. Also provided is a detail popup with valuable well information.
Large amount of data provided within a graphic layering system that you control. Turn on just the layers you want or see it all fully loaded.
Powerful markup and spatial select feature that allows users to draw lines and polygons and export to Excel surface ownership information on parcels intersected.
Robust search feature by parcel or abstract that will zoom in to search results, highlight parcels and pop up detailed parcel data for tax roll purposes.
You can unlock all these features and much more by purchasing the subscription at $9.95 for Unlimited Monthly Access.

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